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Moms who don't feel like they measure up. How to stop the mommy wars from the inside.

For All of Us Moms Who Don’t Measure Up

Things are going to get real here today, folks. The Making It Home Confessional Let’s start with a little confession: I’m not as good of a mom as I should be. Well, not as good of a mom as I feel I should be, I suppose, but it’s roughly the same, don’t you think? Surely […]

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Tutorial for basic machine applique

{Tutorial} Basic Machine Appliqué

I’ve been sitting on this tutorial for you guys for a bit, and after a Facebook post by a friend of mine, it’s become clear to me that I need to share it sooner rather than later. What is Appliqué? Appliqué is a method for decorating a larger piece of fabric with a smaller piece […]


3 Things I Love Most about the Ultimate DIY Bundle

Another bundle opportunity is about to come to an end – make sure you don’t miss this one! The 2015 Ultimate DIY Bundle is only on sale until 11:59 pm EST tonight, January 26, 2015. After that, you’ll miss out on this collection of ebooks, ecourses, and extra bonuses. Click the banner below to buy […]

DIY Bundle

It’s HERE! The Ultimate DIY Bundle 2015

I know I pimp these a lot. But can you blame me when they’re so dang awesome every time? The Ultimate Bundles team has put together a really slick bundle of ebooks and bonuses sure to get your creative juices flowing! With everything from painting and interior decorating to scrapbooking and sewing (we both know how much […]

Tutorial - How to make stained glass jello! From Making It Home

{Tutorial} Red, White, and Blue Stained Glass Jello

I recently tried making stained glass jello for a red-white-and-blue themed potluck I had. Stained glass jello is so easy and cool to make, I don’t know why I didn’t do it before! Tutorial: Stained glass jello What you’ll need:  four 3oz boxes of colored jello two packets of unflavored clear gelatin one 14oz can […]

Day 7

#30DayMinimalistChallenge Week 2 Check-In

I realize I’m a week late in posting this, but it’s been crazy town over here! I’m keeping up with the challenge, I assure you, and you can keep up with us on Instagram using the hashtag #30dayminimalistchallenge! Without further ado, here are the 70 items from days 7-13 of the challenge!  December 7 3 mixing bowls […]

How to eat a salad everyday and not hate your life

How to Eat a Salad Everyday and Not Hate Your Life

With January 1 right around the corner, we’re all going to be thinking about how to change our lives for the better in the new year – and, for many of us, this means cleaning up our eating and shrinking our waistlines. Or, you know, dieting. Yep, I said the d-word. And salads are kind of […]

#30DayMinimalistChallenge Week 1 check in! Check out the details at Making It Home and start the new year off with 500 fewer things to care for, maintain, and clean!

#30DayMinimalistChallenge Week 1 Check-In

Last week, our household goods showed up and we found ourselves somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we apparently had. Thus, we began the 30 day minimalist challenge where we say goodbye to the same number of items as the day of the month (day 1 = 1, day 2 = 2, and so […]

Join the #30dayminimalistchallenge at Making It Home!

30 Day Minimalist Challenge

Well, we’re finally all moved into our new home, and it’s been a wild few weeks. We traveled cross-country the week before Thanksgiving carefully dodging snow storms and icy roads. We made it home safe and sound. …And then we waited almost two weeks for our household goods to join us. Air mattresses do not […]