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How to eat a salad everyday and not hate your life

How to Eat a Salad Everyday and Not Hate Your Life

With January 1 right around the corner, we’re all going to be thinking about how to change our lives for the better in the new year – and, for many of us, this means cleaning up our eating and shrinking our waistlines. Or, you know, dieting. Yep, I said the d-word. And salads are kind of […]

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#30DayMinimalistChallenge Week 1 check in! Check out the details at Making It Home and start the new year off with 500 fewer things to care for, maintain, and clean!

#30DayMinimalistChallenge Week 1 Check-In

Last week, our household goods showed up and we found ourselves somewhat overwhelmed by the amount of stuff we apparently had. Thus, we began the 30 day minimalist challenge where we say goodbye to the same number of items as the day of the month (day 1 = 1, day 2 = 2, and so […]

Join the #30dayminimalistchallenge at Making It Home!

30 Day Minimalist Challenge

Well, we’re finally all moved into our new home, and it’s been a wild few weeks. We traveled cross-country the week before Thanksgiving carefully dodging snow storms and icy roads. We made it home safe and sound. …And then we waited almost two weeks for our household goods to join us. Air mattresses do not […]

Can you casually use elimination communication?

Can You Casually Use Elimination Communication?

Elimination Communication, or “Infant Potty Training,” can seem a little overwhelming, no doubt about that. The time commitment and having to identify baby’s cues and the successes and misses can make your head spin. Add it all to the fact that EC can seem very “all-or-nothing.” Either you commit to it full-time, or it’s just […]

Freezer Cooking meal starters - save money and make dinner time a cinch by keeping these things on hand!

Meal Starters for Your Freezer {Meal Planning}

The dinner time rush is the pits – even if you have your meals planned out, sometimes things get in the way and you’re hurrying to feed hungry kids on a grumbling tummy of your own and chopping all of those vegetables is just taking too long. One of my favorite meal time shortcuts is […]

The first six signs to teach your baby, plus how to get started teaching your baby sign language

The First Six Signs to Teach Your Baby

I recently wrote about how to get started with baby sign language. There, I mentioned that you should start by choosing six signs to use consistently with your baby – three that they may want to use to describe the world around them, and three that give you feedback from your baby that you want […]

5 top tips that will help you love your slow cooker or crock pot!

5 Tips for Better Slow Cooking

It’s no secret that I love my slow cooker. It makes feeding the family while running the house and running after the toddler so much easier! Not to mention, cheaper and healthier than ordering a pizza at the last minute because I didn’t cook something for dinner. I’ve been slow cooking meals for many years, […]

Learn how to make this quick and easy rope tug toy for your dog!

{Tutorial} Fleece Tug Toy for Dogs

With our big move coming up, I went ahead and packed away my sewing machine and all of my fabric last week – I figured I would be low on time and wouldn’t be able to make anything until we got settled in in our new home. Since that moment, I’ve had the nagging itch […]

How to Make a Braided-Edge Fleece Blanket Tutorial from Making It Home Blog

{Tutorial} Braided-Edge Fleece Blanket

Fleece is hands-down my favorite fabric to work with when sewing. Mostly, I love it because it is super forgiving, but it’s also soft and lovely and cuddly and good. You’ll often find me digging through the giant fleece remnants bin at my local Joann. I totally have a fleece problem, and when I found […]

meal planning easy themes

Meal Planning Made Easy with Themes

Meal planning saves us a ton of money – and I know it saves a lot of you money, as well – but it can be a bit overwhelming to start. “I can barely come up with dinner for tonight, how am I supposed to plan out a whole week?!” Been there, done that, y’all. […]

Learn how to get started using baby sign language how to get your baby to sign back to you! This is so cool - my baby signed back at 8 months old.

How to Get Started with Baby Sign Language

I love baby sign language and I believe everyone should do it with their kids! There, I’ve said it. I’m a baby signing evangelist. But, seriously, how awesome and useful is it to be able to communicate with your little ones before they have the fine motor skills to make the words come out of […]