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Breastfeeding through Pregnancy: The First Trimester

Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy: The First Trimester

When I first started nursing Fox, I had the pleasure of joining a La Leche League group full of peculiar women – women who had nursed their babies through infancy into toddlerhood, and managed to carry on through pregnancies to tandem nurse their babies with their toddlers. It was a little overwhelming to be around […]

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It's easy going green! This post has some great ideas on how to go green gradually and reduce our impact on the earth.

It’s Easy Being Green! {Going Green}

This post is alternately titled, “green choices for the lazy and cheap housewife.” There are a lot of really good reasons that people choose to go green – to save the environment and lessen their carbon footprint, to teach their kids to be kind to the earth, to avoid chemicals, and so-on and so-forth. So […]

Check out some of the best resources for learning about cloth diapers when you're getting started!

Need Help Getting Started with Cloth Diapers?

I remember when I first finally made the decision to use cloth diapers on our incoming baby (now lovingly known as “Fox”). Everything was so overwhelming.  Having never seen modern cloth diapers in person before, I really struggled to grasp what, exactly, I was getting myself into. Between the different styles, dozens of manufacturers, hundreds […]

I'm back, and with big news!

I’m Back! Big News!

I know it’s been quiet around here, and I apologize. I’ve got a big list of excuses for you, like it’s been busy here and the tot has been resisting things like “nap time” and “bed time” which is cutting into my writing time pretty significantly, but I’ve got a really good (I hope!) reason […]

Moms who don't feel like they measure up. How to stop the mommy wars from the inside.

For All of Us Moms Who Don’t Measure Up

Things are going to get real here today, folks. The Making It Home Confessional Let’s start with a little confession: I’m not as good of a mom as I should be. Well, not as good of a mom as I feel I should be, I suppose, but it’s roughly the same, don’t you think? Surely […]

Tutorial for basic machine applique

{Tutorial} Basic Machine Appliqué

I’ve been sitting on this tutorial for you guys for a bit, and after a Facebook post by a friend of mine, it’s become clear to me that I need to share it sooner rather than later. What is Appliqué? Appliqué is a method for decorating a larger piece of fabric with a smaller piece […]


3 Things I Love Most about the Ultimate DIY Bundle

Another bundle opportunity is about to come to an end – make sure you don’t miss this one! The 2015 Ultimate DIY Bundle is only on sale until 11:59 pm EST tonight, January 26, 2015. After that, you’ll miss out on this collection of ebooks, ecourses, and extra bonuses. Click the banner below to buy […]

DIY Bundle

It’s HERE! The Ultimate DIY Bundle 2015

I know I pimp these a lot. But can you blame me when they’re so dang awesome every time? The Ultimate Bundles team has put together a really slick bundle of ebooks and bonuses sure to get your creative juices flowing! With everything from painting and interior decorating to scrapbooking and sewing (we both know how much […]

Tutorial - How to make stained glass jello! From Making It Home

{Tutorial} Red, White, and Blue Stained Glass Jello

I recently tried making stained glass jello for a red-white-and-blue themed potluck I had. Stained glass jello is so easy and cool to make, I don’t know why I didn’t do it before! Tutorial: Stained glass jello What you’ll need:  four 3oz boxes of colored jello two packets of unflavored clear gelatin one 14oz can […]