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How to make fleece longies with a sling style soaker for extra water resistance.

Fleece Longies with A Sling-Style Soaker {Sewing Tutorial}

With baby #2 just a few weeks way from making their appearance, I’ve been in full-on nesting (AKA Sew-all-the-diaper-covers) mode.  I shared how to make fleece longies from Katrina’s pattern a while back, but to be perfectly honest, I make them with a slight change – I add a sling-style soaker as an extra water […]

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Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy: The Second Trimester

Oh my goodness, say it isn’t so! Somehow I’ve managed to make it through the second trimester of my pregnancy and into my third and I still feel like I need 6 months to get everything prepared for baby… Tell me I’m not the only one who gets to the third trimester totally unexpectedly?   Anyways, […]

Sewing Secrets: Freezer Paper - Learn how this common kitchen drawer dweller can make pattern cutting easier!

{Sewing Secrets} Freezer Paper

I’ve been sewing for a while and I have a few secrets up my sleeve that help make me a better, more efficient seamstress (not sewer – eww!). Today, I’m going to tell you all about the magic of freezer paper. What is Freezer Paper? Freezer paper is similar to wax paper (but please don’t use […]

Great tutorial for foam blocks for babies and toddlers that can be used for stacking, learning, or sensory play.

Baby Foam Stacking and Sensory Blocks Sewing Tutorial

The nesting bug has hit me again, now that I’m about 6 months pregnant. I’m finally digging out projects that I’ve had half done or barely started (or even just purchased materials for) and getting them sewn up and completed! I figure I’ll have a harder time making things happen while I’m trying to navigate […]

Irregular income worksheet free #printable

Irregular Income Worksheet {Free Printable}

Most people will see a bit of irregular income from time to time – whether it’s from a garage sale, random blogging income, inheritance, tax return, you-name-it – and that income needs to be budgeted somehow! Yesterday, I talked about how to go about budgeting for irregular income. Today, I’m sharing a quick worksheet with […]

How to Budget for Irregular Income - Ever get a bonus check or a couple of extra bucks for helping out a neighbor? Make sure your money is working as hard for you as you are for it by budgeting even these "extra" dollars! #budget #budgeting

How to Budget for Irregular Income

Budgeting is an important part of how our household works. It’s how we can afford for me to be a stay-at-home-mom, it’s why I bother with meal planning, and it just helps keep the gears properly greased in this house so we can function without the stress of finances weighing on us. Occasionally, we have […]

Sewing tutorial for sewing cloth wipes

{Tutorial} Quick Cloth Wipes for Cloth Diapering

Hey, did you know we cloth diaper? Surely I talk about it enough! One of the things that’s gone along with cloth diapering, for us, is cloth wipes. I made us a huge stack of cloth wipes when we were expecting Fox and have since made huge stacks for some new babies on the way.  […]

Breastfeeding through Pregnancy: The First Trimester

Breastfeeding Through Pregnancy: The First Trimester

When I first started nursing Fox, I had the pleasure of joining a La Leche League group full of peculiar women – women who had nursed their babies through infancy into toddlerhood, and managed to carry on through pregnancies to tandem nurse their babies with their toddlers. It was a little overwhelming to be around […]

It's easy going green! This post has some great ideas on how to go green gradually and reduce our impact on the earth.

It’s Easy Being Green! {Going Green}

This post is alternately titled, “green choices for the lazy and cheap housewife.” There are a lot of really good reasons that people choose to go green – to save the environment and lessen their carbon footprint, to teach their kids to be kind to the earth, to avoid chemicals, and so-on and so-forth. So […]

Check out some of the best resources for learning about cloth diapers when you're getting started!

Need Help Getting Started with Cloth Diapers?

I remember when I first finally made the decision to use cloth diapers on our incoming baby (now lovingly known as “Fox”). Everything was so overwhelming.  Having never seen modern cloth diapers in person before, I really struggled to grasp what, exactly, I was getting myself into. Between the different styles, dozens of manufacturers, hundreds […]

I'm back, and with big news!

I’m Back! Big News!

I know it’s been quiet around here, and I apologize. I’ve got a big list of excuses for you, like it’s been busy here and the tot has been resisting things like “nap time” and “bed time” which is cutting into my writing time pretty significantly, but I’ve got a really good (I hope!) reason […]