5 Easy, Stash-Busting Crocheted Toy Patterns

5 Easy Stash-busting Crochet Toy Patterns

Yarn-craft is all fun and games, until you end up with  800 scraps of yarn that you don’t know what to do with because none of them match and they don’t even come close to being long enough for a real project. Of course, there’s no possible way you could just toss the extras, because it’s glorious, precious yarn.

This is how a yarn stash grows.

That, and all of the random pretty yarns that make it into your home because you just couldn’t pass them up. GUILTYIt’s a serious problem.

So, what to do with all of the fun leftovers and extra skeins? I have your solution right here, with 5 easy, stash-busting crochet toy patterns.

Little toys are my favorite way to use up all of those odds and ends because they’re quick, they don’t use a lot of yarn, you can easily combine all of your mis-matched colors, and they’re super gratifying. Who doesn’t love a project that’s done within 30-60 minutes? And with the WeeSheBeast, time is of the essence. I’m just hoping that she’ll love to play with them soon, because while my yarn scrap stash is decreasing, my random stuffed crochet toys stash is increasing. My family should expect to see some of  these for a certain holiday in December. You know who you are.

So, without further ado, here they are! Please make sure to pin these from their original sources.

Little Monsters

Little Monsters Crochet Pattern

I just love these little dudes. They’re so easy to customize, and they work up so quickly that you’ll end up making a ton of them. Go visit Crafty is Cool for the Little Monsters crochet pattern!

Juggling Cats

Juggling Cats Crochet Pattern

Crocheted balls are a great way to use up scrap yarn. Crocheted balls with kitty ears and little details are even better. Make sure you embroider on eyes if these are going to get into the hands of littles. Susie Farmgirl has the pattern for these crocheted Juggling Cats.

Magnetic Katamari

Magnetic Katamari crochet pattern

Am I the only one who loves Katamari Damacy (and the rest of the Katamari series) on the Playstation? It’s this awesome simple little game where you roll around a sticky ball and try to make it as big as you can. This magnetic crochet Katamari is perfect. Grab the magnetic Katamari ball crochet pattern over at Amy’s Babies.

Crochet Cupcakes

Crochet Cupcakes Pattern

How sweet are these cupcakes? I’m totally in love with the cupcake trend right now, and these are a fabulous way to use up your extra yarn bits. The Crochet Cupcake Pattern is over at Bitter Sweet.

Spiral Balls

Spiral balls crochet pattern

I couldn’t complete this list without the most versatile of crocheted toys, the ball. This spiral ball is pretty great to use up a variety of yarns at once, and is more interesting to the kids than a solid colored ball. Get the pattern for these crocheted spiral balls as a free Ravelry download from Chanteuse Crochet (Ravelry link).

And there you have it, five patterns to use up your yarn scraps. Did I miss your favorite? Let me know in the comments!


  1. ale falcone says

    I loved your toys and i am interested in making some here…i live in Uruguay,SOUTH AMÉRICA.
    congrats again and thanks for sharing.


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