Friday Favorites for November 16

Brr…it’s getting chilly out there! The weather has consistently been in the 40’s and 50’s here in Littleton this week, so I’ve been busy making some of our fall favorite recipes to keep us warm and fed!

It’s with that in mind that I found five fabulous fall soup recipes from some of my favorite blogs to share with you today. Enjoy!

First up, sweet potato and apple soup from The Perfect Pantry – the perfect blend of savory and sweet with plenty of nutrients and sure to warm you all the way through!

Classic chicken and dumplings soup from Heather @ Home Ec 101

Gorgeous roasted butternut squash soup from Judy @ Cranberry Morning – pretty and gluten-free!

 Easy and simple cheesy potato soup from Krystyn @ Lil’ Luna

 And the last one comes from The Perfect Pantry again: turkey fridge dump soup

How tasty do those look? The sweet potato and apple has already made it onto my menu plan for next week! It reminds me of a pumpkin and apple soup recipe I once made (and haven’t been able to find since!) that I loved. I’m hoping that I can use it as some inspiration to recreate my lost recipe.

Have a great weekend!

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