Things to Make Before Baby Arrives

I have had a nursery theme picked out for our first baby for months now: Foxes (and other woodland creatures, but mostly foxes). This allows me to have all kinds of neutral green, orange, teal, and red stuff ready for the baby come April.

Unfortunately for me, owls are the woodland creature in vogue right now, and foxes are in short supply. I’m having a hard time finding fabrics that feature anything but owls or whales or mustaches, which makes completing a few projects a bit more challenging.

I’ve got a list of six projects I want to have done in time for baby.


First up: a crib sheet. Kelly over at Imperfect Homemaking just recently posted a tutorial on how to make a simple crib sheet out of any fabric you like! She uses fold-over elastic, but I think I’ll make a quick casing for mine and thread elastic through it. Either way, baby’s going to need some sheets.

Next I’m going to need bibs. My husband is a drooler, and apparently was always wearing a bib when he was a baby to help catch the drool. If this baby’s anything like him, I’ve got my work cut out for me here. Besides, it’s a good excuse to use up some fabric remnants that I’ve got and bibs are a great, instant gratification project. I’m loving the patchwork bib tutorial from Sew She Sews.

As I was hanging out over on Pinterest this week, I saw a tutorial for a hooded car seat blanket come up. These are adorable and I can totally see how it would be useful! I’ll probably make this out of not-theme-related fabric, so it matches the cars a bit better. Maybe chevron stripes?

Apparently you have to put clothes on kids, too. Onesies are great, but appliqued onesies are better! I have a few that I’ve embroidered on, but I’ve never actually done any applique, so I’m pretty excited to try that out and get cute baby clothes out of it.

I’m sure to have more blankets than I know what to do with. Between myself and all of my crafty friends, baby will have sewn, quilted, knitted, and crocheted blankets for every possible occasion, not to mention all of the receiving and store-bought blankets that will show up at the baby shower in February. Despite this, I definitely think I need to make a chenille baby blanket like this one from Aesthetic Nest. The more blankets, the warmer, right?

Colorado is well known for its sun, so I’ll definitely be making a car seat cover, as well, to help shield my sweet new babe from the sun and grabby hands. Allison from Cluck Cluck Sew has a simple car seat cover tutorial that I’ll be following to make mine.


I’m sure to come up with more projects the babe just can’t live without in the coming months, but April sure is sneaking in on us! I’m almost tentatively waiting until after this Saturday to get started on a few things, since we’re having an elective ultrasound to determine stubborn baby’s gender that morning. Wish us luck!


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